Wednesday, September 17, 2008

7+ Years and counting...1st ever blog about my wife's Brain Injury Accident

Hello. I've never blogged, but certainly have heard a lot about it. I thought the most important thing to do first was to decide 'if I'm going to do a blog, what would it be about?' I didn't want to ramble on about a coin collecting hobby I can no longer afford, nor did I want to go on about my dreams of once again getting back into the air as a private pilot. No. None of those things A. mattered anymore and B. weren't my 'reality' as it were. I thought if I was going to start a blog, I better bring to light some information that might one day be helpful to someone else who may find themselves in a similar situation. In my case, it was a tragic accident that nearly claimed my wife's life back in January, 2001, in South Tampa, Florida, when her sister handed her daughter the keys to her car to let her start and warm up the car. Her daughter--our niece--was only 11...and she was even in the backseat when my wife's sister handed over the keys to this manual transmission Toyota Corolla. Long story short, the niece put the key in the ignition, turned it and the car lurched into reverse, knocking my wife down and running her over. It stopped on top of her and besides breaking her clavicle, a triple fracture to her pelvis and numerous gritty, oily cuts from the undercarriage, no one attempted to get the car off of her. It took paramedics about 4 minutes to get there and by that time my wife was non-responsive. Miraculously, they got a pulse and administered O2 and drove her asap to Tampa General Hospital. This is what I call "When our lives turned upside down." I'll also call this "The Introduction." I'm Mike. My wife is Joy and now, 7-1/2+ years later...the excitement has died, the kids have moved on and we're basically on our own. I'm forcefully retired to 100% home health care for Joy, but it's not like she isn't ambulatory. She can get around ok. Her balance will always be an issue, but the biggest issue is simply memory--that and her swallowing reflex is terrible and if she doesn't use a straw, she'll choke. More on all these things later. As I said, I'm retired because I will not send my wife to "a home." I am committed to her regardless of our hardships on our finances, our family, our children...this is just the 1st. If anyone replies, I'll continue. ~Mike